Sheri Jay

Certified Neuro Transformational and Lego Serious Play Coach in Ontario, Canada

Sheri Jay

Certified Neuro Transformational and Lego Serious Play Coach in Ontario, Canada

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have specialty skills and certifications in: Lego Serious Play; Neuro Transformational coaching; Principles You; Guided Meditation; and Solution Focused coaching. I use my diverse coaching skills to help people and teams find purpose and direction.

More about me

I earned two undergraduate degrees, the first in Business - Marketing and Human Resources - followed by Psychology - leading to a passion for Neuropsychology. After university I pursued a 10 year career in the Investment Industry. I suffered a stroke in my 30’s becoming disabled. I had to reinvent myself. I learned to manage my disability and live life to the fullest. I have been a solo entrepreneur ever since. During the pandemic, I needed a career pivot and came back to my passion of Neuroscience through coaching. I am now living my life's purpose as a Neuro Transformational Coach. I bring my passion for learning and helping people to every coaching session.

My philosophy

I use my knowledge of Neuroscience to help people rewire their brains so they can live fulfilling lives. No matter the change – big or small – there is some level of Neuroplasticity required to make that change. I coach individuals around neural fluidity. I partner with both Neurodiverse and Neurotypical clients using a compassionate, creative approach. I help people to find their purpose and direction. I guide with the belief that anything is possible. Together, we will create tangible steps to move towards your goals and dreams to discover your confidence and inner voice. After our work together, my clients leave with confidence, clarity, and a sense of calm. With this renewed sense of purpose, so much becomes possible.

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  • ICF - ACC (Assc Certified Coach)
  • Certified Neuro Transformational Coach
  • Certified PrinciplesYou Coach

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I am truly curious about everyone I meet and have a deep desire to serve and help.

email:[email protected]

  • Education
    • Erickson Institute - Diploma in Coaching
    • University of Manitoba - BA, Psych
    • Bishop's University - BBA, Marketing & HR